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Michigan Large Format Printing

Some businesses take years to hit their stride — while others hit the ground running right from the start. When Tim and Scott Benton partnered to create Grand Format Printer VizCom Media, they never imagined the exponential growth and across-the-board success they would achieve so quickly.

When this father and son team started the company, they brought to the table nearly 50 years of industry experience and quickly built a strong foundation for growth and success. Their unwavering commitment to providing quality customer service and superior products helped the company establish itself as a leader in the Wide Format Printing industry.

With the goal of eventually becoming a national force in the printing world, this company cultivated their client relationships and quickly established a strong reputation for printing excellence and lively customer service. Their hard work paid off, with VizCom Media’s reputation for quality and service quickly spreading throughout the Midwest — and soon after across the country.

Today, with a sprawling new design and production facility located on the river in downtown Grand Rapids, a second manufacturing location in the Chicago area and the recently signed agreement as a Branded Partner, with exclusive rights to sell and service the Nimlok line of exhibit products throughout the state of Michigan, VizCom Media looms large as a national competitor among printers — and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. 

A Vision for Excellence

As VizCom’s exponential growth continued, they never lost sight of their founding principles: to produce the highest quality products supported by superior customer service. By developing an unprecedented and sophisticated order management system, VizCom found a way for anyone within the company to track the progress of any project from start to finish. This system ensures that VizCom Media can maintain the highest level of customer service while also keeping pace with their ever-increasing workload — placing them leagues ahead of competitors.

Although VizCom Media continues its growth, its employees do not rest on past achievements. Instead, each day provides another opportunity to pursue excellence. VizCom Media has never lost a customer to a competitor — and they don’t plan to start now! By focusing on creating a superior product with leading edge equipment and providing excellent service — the big company with the small roots will continue to be a large piece of the oversize printing puzzle for years to come.